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The blue tech sector and the blue economy are growing rapidly, both in the US and globally. With this expansion comes an increase in demand for solutions that can withstand harsh marine environments. Composite materials offer unparalleled strength to weight ratios, excellent corrosion resistance, and incredible design flexibility. However, composites have historically been out of reach for most innovators due to a general lack of knowledge around applicable use cases, and high manufacturing costs. Deep Blue Composites wants to change that.


Deep Blue Composites believes that you can only be as innovative as the materials you are using; if we want to keep driving technology forward, advanced material integration needs to be accessible for companies of all sizes. We are working to make composites more economical by finding alternatives to traditional materials and developing manufacturing methods that decrease both the need for expensive equipment and specialized labor hours.  


Novel uses and increased accessibility to advanced materials, accelerating technological advancements in the commercial, defense, and aerospace sectors.

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Advancing Technology


We started in 2018 as Canapitsit Customs; a composite tooling manufacture for local boat builders.

DBC Logos_white-01.png

Our focus shifted to composite components for the Blue Tech industry, and in 2022 we became Deep Blue Composites.

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