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About Us



Founded in 2018 as Canapitsit Customs, our initial focus was on specialized tooling manufacturing within the marine composites sector, a cornerstone that established our foundation in advanced material technologies. As our expertise expanded, so too did our operational scope, transitioning towards the production of high-performance composite parts. This strategic diversification broadened our service offerings, aligning our capabilities with the demands of a wider industrial spectrum.


The strategic rebranding to Deep Blue Composites in 2022 was reflective of our intensified commitment to supporting innovators within the ocean technology sector and adjacent industries requiring advanced material solutions. This evolution underscores our dedication to contributing to the advancement of marine and oceanic technologies through advanced material integration and precision manufacturing processes.


As Deep Blue Composites, our identity is firmly rooted in the ethos of serving as a critical partner to blue tech pioneers, facilitating their endeavors in oceanic exploration, defense, and environmental stewardship through the provision of cutting-edge composite materials and manufacturing excellence. This transformation from Canapitsit Customs to Deep Blue Composites signals our unwavering commitment to pushing the boundaries of innovation, ensuring our clients have access to the advanced solutions necessary to meet the complex challenges of today's and tomorrow's operational environments.

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We started in 2018 as Canapitsit Customs; a composite tooling manufacture for local boat builders.

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Our focus shifted to composite components for the Blue Tech industry, and in 2022 we became Deep Blue Composites.

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